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Teeth Whitening Los Angeles

A healthy smile can be a powerful confidence booster. If you have yellow, gray or brown stained teeth, however, your smile may bring more embarrassment than confidence. Our Los Angeles teeth whitening dentist offers teeth whitening treatments that can restore the natural glow and the beauty of your smile.

Age alone can lead to dingy or discolored teeth. As the enamel on your teeth wears thin, it can allow more of the naturally yellow or gray dentin to show through, which results in a dark, discolored appearance. Lifestyle habits can also lead to discolored teeth. Coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks, wine, berries and similar substances can leave stains behind on your teeth.

Good dental hygiene and routine dental checkups are often enough to polish away mild surface stains, but they are simply not able to penetrate the durable enamel to remove stains located deep within it. Those kinds of stains can only be removed with peroxide-based whiteners. Our expert in teeth whitening in Los Angeles offers in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments that eliminate stains and leave your teeth between six and 10 shades brighter.

Los Angeles Teeth Whitening

Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, the treatments that our Los Angeles teeth whitening dentist offers use powerful, prescription-strength whiteners to lift away even the most stubborn stains. If you choose take-home treatments, you will be given a customized mouth tray that fits your teeth precisely to ensure maximum contact between your teeth and the whitening solution. In-office treatments are another alternative. Our expert in teeth whitening in Los Angeles will paint the whitening solution directly onto your teeth and use a special high-intensity light to activate it. Your teeth will be several shades lighter after just an hour.

Regardless of the whitening treatment you choose, you can maximize the benefits with a few simple steps. Limit your staining habits, and maintain excellent brushing habits. Routine dental cleanings combined with proper use of touch-up kits as recommended can keep your teeth permanently whiter and brighter and your smile more confident.

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