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How Cheap Whitening Treatments Can Damage Your Teeth

teeth whitening in Los AngelesAs more consumers are looking for new ways to achieve a brilliant white smile, more businesses are trying to jump on the bandwagon to make a profit. Some discount websites now guarantee a gleaming smile through cheap teeth whitening sessions, while beauticians are carrying out these complex chemical procedures after taking just a few training courses. Although the significantly cheaper price tag may lure you in, these treatments could end up costing you permanent damage.

According to the General Dental Council, there has been a recent spike in patients coming to the dentist with severe damage as a result of parties unlawfully practicing teeth whitening procedures. After receiving a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide bleaching gels from an untrained treatment provider, patients can suffer from painfully burnt or bleeding gums with extreme soft tissue irritation. If the hydrogen peroxide is too strong, it can cause irreversible gum recession that exposes the root of the tooth. At times, the chemical burns on the gums can be so severe that the patient risks losing their teeth completely. In addition to scorched gums and lips, patients commonly suffer from destroyed enamel that causes the teeth to permanently become very sensitive and painful.

Overall, it is important to remember that teeth whitening treatments are cosmetic dentistry practices that must be performed by a dentist, oral surgeon, or medical expert in the field. In order to ensure that you receive the best whitening experience and do not suffer these harmful side effects, we encourage you to contact our expert in teeth whitening in Los Angeles at your earliest convenience for a consultation.

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