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How to Avoid Tooth Stains from Red Wines

How to Avoid Tooth Stains from Red WinesWhile there is nothing better than relaxing with a glass of your favorite red wine, many notice a mouthful of unattractive and embarrassing dark stained teeth immediately afterwards. Red wine is notorious for staining teeth because of its intensity of color and acidity that etches away at the enamel on the surface of the teeth. In order to avoid the purplish smile, follow these tips to reduce red wine stains and keep your teeth brilliant white.

•    After drinking one or more glasses of red wine, sip on some club soda or swirl around some seltzer water to help neutralize the acidic effects of the wine. This will help rinse away the wine to effectively minimize the amount of acid left to keep your teeth whiter.

•    Along with your red wine, eat some abrasive foods, such as an apple, celery, or orange. Not only will the abrasive texture scrub away the stained purple color, it will also protect teeth from the acid. It is also beneficial to snack on cheese, which provides protein that will act as a protective barrier to your teeth.

•    Chew on some sugar-free gum after wine to help produce extra saliva in your mouth. Since saliva helps rinse away the more dangerous agents in the mouth, it will re-mineralize your tooth’s enamel to fight back against red wine.

•    For at least one full hour after sipping your wine, do not brush your teeth. Although it may be counterintuitive, brushing too soon will only increase the wear and tear on teeth and cause more stains in the future.

If you already have noticed discoloration from drinking red wine, it is also recommended that you consult with our Los Angeles teeth whitening expert to explore your options for professional whitening.

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