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What You Should Know about Teeth Whitening

Los Angeles teeth whiteningTeeth whitening is a fast, easy way to get a brighter, more attractive smile. In fact, teeth whitening treatments are quickly becoming one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry today. If you are interested in a whiter smile, our Los Angeles teeth whitening dentist can provide you with a variety of teeth whitening options.

Most teeth whitening treatments use peroxide as their active ingredient. The peroxide opens the pores of the translucent dental enamel so that the solution can penetrate deep into the dentin below. The peroxide will whiten and brighten your smile without altering the natural structure of the teeth. After whitening, you may benefit from fluoride treatments to protect against sensitivity, and good dental hygiene combined with routine professional cleanings will help reduce future staining.

Although professional teeth whitening treatments can be highly effective against nicotine, wine, coffee, cola and tea stains, they may not be appropriate for every patient. Patients who have extensive restorations such as dental bonding or porcelain veneers may not be good candidates for whitening. Naturally gray teeth or teeth with intrinsic stains such as those associated with antibiotic use may not respond predictably to whitening treatments.

Many teeth whitening products are available on the market today, but dentist-supervised programs are specifically designed with your safety and dental health in mind. We will ensure you are using the best treatment for your needs and your smile goals. Contact our dental office today to learn ore or to schedule your appointment.

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