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Whitening Methods and their Safety

Whitening Methods and their SafetyTeeth whitening products can help restore a healthier glow to your smile. Used incorrectly, however, teeth whitening products can do more damage than good, explains our expert in teeth whitening in Los Angeles.

Bleaching your teeth is generally considered safe and effective but only when you follow directions. Begin with a professional exam, which can ensure that your teeth and gums are strong and healthy enough to undergo whitening. Our dentist may provide you with information about the best OTC products or may recommend professional whiteners, which offer more dramatic results.

Whether you choose an OTC product or a professional whitening kit, follow the instructions to the letter. Peroxide can irritate gums and damage teeth if used incorrectly or too frequently. Our professional kits are customized to your unique whitening needs, which can significantly reduce these risks.

Patients with sensitive teeth may need to take extra precautions. Sensitive teeth can become irritable after whitening. Our dentist may recommend in-office whitening for those with sensitive teeth since these treatments can be fully customized to your needs and are fast and highly effective, which minimizes the time the product must be on your teeth. We may also recommend a post-whitening fluoride treatment, which further reduces the risk of sensitivity.

Although there are whitening products for virtually every patient, some patients should not whiten their teeth. Those with untreated dental disease, pregnant women, women who are nursing, and patients with visible tooth-colored restorations may not be candidates for traditional whitening.

Give us a call today to learn more about the best whitening solution for your needs.

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