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Zoom Whitening

Zoom WhiteningZoom whitening from our expert in Zoom whitening in Los Angeles gives patients faster, brighter results than they can get from over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Consisting of a unique bleaching gel based on carbamide peroxide and activation with a special light, Zoom whitening can whiten teeth up to ten shades in under an hour. For patients interested in Zoom whitening, a description of benefits, procedure details and candidacy requirements can help them determine whether this treatment may achieve their goals.

Zoom whitening delivers fast enhancement of tooth appearance, and patients can schedule additional sessions with our Los Angeles Zoom whitening expert if they do not reach their goals in the first appointment. Because Zoom whitening includes fluoride application after whitening, patients are less likely to suffer post-treatment dental sensitivity. Superficial yellow and brown stains caused by foods and smoking often respond to Zoom whitening, offering more affordable results compared to alternative cosmetic treatments.

Zoom Whitening Los Angeles

Zoom whitening is performed during individual visits to our expert in Zoom whitening in Los Angeles. In many cases, patients relax and watch television or read while their teeth are being whitened. Our dentist begins by guarding the oral tissues from the bleaching gel with a special barrier. After applying the gel, our dentist activates it with a dental light. Finally, our dentist removes the gel and repeats these steps two to three times before finishing the appointment by applying fluoride to the teeth.

Zoom whitening can be used by most patients who have superficial dental stains, and it can give patients the results they want after they have failed to get them from other whitening options. Unfortunately, Zoom whitening cannot work on teeth that are discolored by internal decay or tetracycline use. When patients have significant bridgework, veneers or tooth-colored fillings, Zoom whitening may not provide satisfactory results.

The results of Zoom whitening can last several months, particularly if patients brush and floss daily and avoid smoking and consuming heavily pigmented foods and drinks. To learn more about this procedure and find out if it will work on specific types of stains, patients can schedule a consultation with our Los Angeles Zoom whitening expert.

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